Scrap Metal Wholesale

The first step in the complex process of scrap metal recycling for SMP is purchasing scrap metal from a variety of sources in the Minneapolis metro area that we call home, and across the 5 state midwest area including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Scrap Metal Wholesale New Hope MN

We then begin to process raw scrap metals so that they can be turned into metal materials ready to be used by our wholesale scrap metal buyers, including mills, foundries, manufacturers, refiners, and more. These companies take our high-quality processed metals and convert them into products.

Quality Control in our Wholesale Scrap Metal Company

Grading & Sorting | Sizing & Condition

Quality control is an integral aspect of our scrap metal processing system. We utilize decades of expertise and XRF analysis to identify to identify, grade, and sort metal scrap and produce the highest quality scrap metal materials that meet industry standards as well as the expectations of our international and domestic buyers. We also take into consideration the sizing and condition requirements of our buyers in order to match their specifications and ensure the condition of the metal is suitable for the intended process.

Accuracy & Quality

SMP uses State-Certified electronic scales to ensure accurate weights and the highest quality packaging with proper labeling to preserve the integrity of your shipment.

After nearly 50 years in operation, Scrap Metal Processors has become both a domestic and international supplier of scrap metals to a wide variety of industries and companies. The long-term relationships we have established with our customers speaks to the quality of our end product as well as our business and customer service practices. Our state of the art technology, experience, dedication to quality, and competitive prices will satisfy new and old buyers for years to come.