Scrap Metal Transportation Services

The first step in the scrap metal transportation process is an assessment to determine methods of deconstruction and movement for large scrap metal loads. We provide containers of all sizes to be placed at your location which streamlines the process of moving scrap metal from your facility to ours for dismantling and processing.

Scrap Metal Transportation Services Minneapolis MN

Expert Logistics & Competitive Pricing

Scrap Metal Processors puts nearly 50 years of experience in bulk metal transportation and processing to work for you by delivering an efficient and profitable series of solutions for your business. We coordinate scrap metal pickup and transportation and offer competitive rates so you can see the maximum return on your metals.

We ensure scrap metal shipments get to the right place at the right time and for the right cost. Our management team provides expert, personalized service and accounting so that your scrap metal removal experience is seamless. We ensure scrap metal transportation is simple and that you understand our process and pricing.