SMP is here to provide a full spectrum of services for your industrial business.

From consulting to providing containers, transporting your metal waste, and processing it in our facility for recycling, you can rely on our expertise to keep your site orderly and maximize returns on your valuable metal. We also purchase scrap metal outright from businesses seeking to clear out their warehouse inventory.

scrap metal processing - industrial metal recycling


We deliver a container sizable to your waste management needs, and pick your scrap metal up as needed for transport to our facility.


We provide a variety of scrap metal waste containers with different features to suit your needs and deliver them to your facility for quick collection at your request.

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With specialized equipment and experienced staff, we’re able to efficiently sort and prepare scrap metal, and export it for recycling to our valued vendors.

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We purchase your scrap metal based on current market prices and handle the rest!

Metals We Purchase