Scrap Metal Consulting Services

SMP offers their expertise to provide businesses and agencies with information about scrap metals and the scrap metal industry. Our metal consulting service can relate to metal recycling programs, metal identification, metal quality, metal pricing, and other issues related to the scrap metal industry. SMP is here as a resource for the community and professional industry to assist with understanding scrap metal and the scrap metal industry. Please note that we do not work with consumer metal recycling.

Scrap Metal Consulting Services Minneapolis St. Paul

Scrap Metal Identification & Recycling

Metal Identification Service

Metal identification can help businesses understand what their metal waste is worth. We use X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis equipment to verify metal types or metal alloy content. This service is also offered to assist companies in choosing the proper alloys for specific manufacturing situations or in diagnosing problems with the performance of a material being used in manufacturing.

Scrap Metal Recycling Consulting

Our scrap metal recycling program consulting service is based on nearly 50 years of experience serving a wide range of industrial companies from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and the midwest United States. We use our experience and knowledge to plan a comprehensive and efficient recycling system for collection, transportation, sorting, and processing of your scrap metal. Not only does this benefit the environment by keeping these materials out of landfills, but we aim to maximize the returns for our customers as well so that they can get the maximum return on their metal waste. We provide metal collection containers similar to a traditional waste management company, and coordinate pick-ups based on your needs.